The café is temporarily closed until further notice. Quality Grocery remains open.

commitment to sustainability:

At the Black Duck we are committed to Sustainability. We have a reverence for the natural world and an understanding that our collective activities are having a profound effect on the systems that make human civilization possible. Our goal is to quickly and permanently reduce our carbon and ecological footprint and play an active role in fighting the climate crisis.

Organic and local foods are healthier, tastier and more sustainable. We support local organic growers and also produce as much as we can in our garden. Much of our vegetables as well as our flours, sugar, and coffees are all organic and as more organics become available in our area we will add them to our pantry.

We are committed to zero single-use plastics. We use paper take-out containers and compostable take-out cups, lids and straws. We are working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging in the supply chain. 

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