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Come visit our Quality Grocery Store next to the Black Duck!
store hours:
Mon-Fri - 10am to 5pm
Saturday - 9am to 5pm
Sunday - 12pm to 5pm
The Black Duck, a modern café nestled in a rural Maritime setting, is a meeting place for locals and travellers alike. All are welcome. Our menu is seasonal and flows with the garden and farmers market. Take-out and eat-in available.

menu favorites:

Our menu is made from scratch and we lean toward organics. We make everything in house 
- from the bread to the ketchup, even the bacon.

Groove is in the heart, the egg is in the bun. A little get up and go with PEI old cheddar, pickled onion, and garden goodness on our fresh baked bun.

Granola, Fruit and Yogurt

Granola made in house from an age-old hippie recipe, with greek-style yogurt and seasonal local fruit surprise.

Big Breakfast Sandwich

A whole breakfast between the toasts. Fried egg, house-cured bacon, pickled sweet onion, tomato and PEI cheddar cheese.

Fish Cakes

Just like great-great grandma used to eat. Salt cod fishcake, molasses baked beans, homemade bread, fried egg and roast meat with traditional pickles.


Beyond the beyond. A superior burger made from a real vegetable croquette. All the flavour, hold the science, just a big sloppy delicious vegan burger.

Black Bean Chili Bowl

Hearty, meaty and totally vegetarian. Topped with old cheddar, sour cream, and other delights, served with garlic toast, and you can add an egg if you fancy.

Grilled Cheese

Comfort food perfected, the finest ingredients without a hint of pretension. Yummy.

Avocado Smash

Hipster fuel! Smashed avocado on toast with fried egg and candied seeds.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese

Spicy! House fermented organic napa cabbage from Wysmykal farm on our classic Grilled Cheese.

Haddock Burger

Ahoy crispy! Land lubbers be warned, this mighty piece of MSC-certified haddock hardly fits on the bun.

"Seriously! Caesar Salad"

Fresh picked from the garden, house dressing, sourdough croutons, parmigiana, and our own smoked canadian bacon!

Mezza Plate

Mediterranean inspired eating. Fresh pita made in house daily, house pickles, our falafel, and fresh greens from our food forest.

The Dao of Salads

Chef Anna's ideal salad ebbs and flows with our food forest.  It's a full meal light enough to keep you active and energised.

on the side:


House-made soup that pairs perfectly with our menu.

French Fries

In this part of the world we really know our potatoes, and these french fries really show it.


We are gardeners and it shines through in our seasonal salads.


We pride ourselves on serving exceptional espresso and quality beverages.
All our coffee is fair trade and organic.


Our Americano is a Maritime favourite. Love a good latte? Try our house-made latte syrups.

Quality Teas

Choose from imported teas and herbal teas grown, gathered and blended by the Black Duck.

Iced Drinks

Cool down with cold-brew coffee or an iced tea. Savour a seasonal fruit spritzer. Or discover a favourite fruit smoothie.


We maintain a rotating selection of wine, beer and cider. Spike your coffee with a liqueur for a warm kick.

The Patio

We have a new patio. Come and enjoy!

Give a Gift Card.

Purchase a Black Duck gift card and we'll mail it to you, or you can pick it up in person.
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Commitment to Sustainability

Black Duck is committed to combating climate change and reducing our ecological footprint.

A Fondness for Gardening

We grow as much food as possible in our own courtyard garden, and source much of the rest from our local farmers.
"It's easy to understand why this is the most popular hangout in town. Hip and friendly with a sunny, device-free atrium, the Black Duck serves up yummy lunches [..]"
"For coffee, there’s nowhere better than the Black Duck Café on Bridge Street, where you can enjoy some java (and butter tarts) in a friendly environment where everybody knows everybody else."
Foodie Roadtrip

Sackville for Lunch!

Looking for fresh dining ideas in the Moncton area? Take a mini road trip to Sackville!
passing thru

Take Exit 504

Driving between Moncton and Halifax and looking for an interesting and tasty stopping place?
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While you're in Sackville...

The picturesque small town of Sackville is home to thriving, locally-owned boutiques, craft galleries and historic homes.
19 Bridge Street
Sackville, NB
E4L 3N6

open hours:

Thursday - 11am to 9pm
Friday - 11am to 9pm
Saturday - 11am to 9pm
Sunday - 11am to 3pm
Mon/Tue/Wed - Closed
Café and bathroom are wheelchair accessible.
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